Earn 100%+ margin with your own automation agency

Create your own automation agency, without hiring developers or paying software development agency fees.

Marketing Agencies + Automation

Let me know if this is you...

You do branding, create the messaging, the deliverables, run the ads and it usually stops there. You can't help any further. Why? Because it's a convention that your job is not to go deeper.

Be a partner instead 🛡️

Instead of staying at the door, start by offering automation services so you become part of your customer workflows. Through this you become irreplaceable, as firing you has such a negative impact in their business, that they'll avoid looking for alternatives.

We're only able to serve five customers at this time. If you're serious about adding automations to your portfolio, let's talk.

Add these to your portfolio

Task Automation

Perfect for short-running routine tasks like creating reports on ads, uploading content to a website and creating proposals.

Process Automation

Focused on long-running processes, these usually are the man-in-the-middle workflows like complex sales or content distribution.


Knowledge workers need self-service and intelligence to compete. AI Chatbots and/or just-in-time helpdesk give an unfair advantage.

How it works

You might want to have us on your client meetings as if we're part of your team, or take full control and delegate tasks to us while focusing on communicating with them.
Whatever you prefer, the process is simple and transparent.

#1 Submit your request

We have a simple prject management tool where you'll be able to add your requests. We'll then break it into tasks and send you the prediction of how long it takes to complete. We deliver each task in at most 72 hours.

#2 Get tasks delivered

You get tasks delivered and usually you can test them independently to understand if they work as intended. If you'd like to change anything, ask for a revision - they´re unlimited.

#3 Deliver and resell

Once a project is delivered to you, you own it to do as you want. Let's say that you want an automation built for Whatsapp outreach. Once delivered you can resell it to 100's of clients, it's yours to do as you wish.

Why Choose Us?

We are the only Automation-as-a-service company for small and medium agencies.

What you get

More Clients

Attract them with automations, cross-sell with your services.

Increased CLV

Increase customer lifetime value with an ongoing subscription.

Lower your CPS

Use Engineering-as-Marketing by offering premade automations.

What you avoid

Low Retention Rates

Become a part of their processes so you'll hardly be replaced.

Dev Hiring Costs

In the time a Dev takes to get started, we deliver the 1st task.

Commoditized Prices

Avoid thinner margins by bundling your services and automations.

A Wide Range of Services

Don't worry if these terms are too technical.
To keep it short, you do design and communication. We'll help deploying tools and creating automations.

Latest Work

Some ideas of what we'll do for your customers or for your agency, and how much you can expect to charge for it.

e-Procurement Platform

A customer was using spreadsheets to calculate the profitability of possible investment deals. We created a backend with the same logic as the spreadsheet and a self-serve smartform. It included a landing page with a project-specific video that changed based on the Request for Proposal sent to providers. This made it more inticing to make providers fill in the details for him. This took the process down from 2 hours per proposal down to zero.

Costs: 66 Tasks, about 9 months

Resell value: 250$ per customer per month = 3.000$ per customer per year

SMM in Autopilot

A Real Estate agency wanted to differenciate from their competitors by providing a managed social media presence to their agents, while automating as much as possible. With a marketer working 4h/week it became possible to manage up to 20 agents (60 profiles).

Costs: 15 Tasks, about 2 months

Resell value: 20$ per month per agent = 4.800$ per year

Non-official Whatsapp API

We developed a non-official Whatsapp API that acted as a server between a CRM and Whatsapp. It was necessary for a customer that had ~300 independent salespeople and needed a way to save on API costs and software tools. The service was focused solely on the API, leaving the interface to the customer.

Costs: 7 Tasks, about a month

Resell value: 10$ per user = 3.000$ one-off (300 users)

CRM with Payments and SMS

We created a Real Estate CRM that would use a payment processor, SMS and email integrations. So when signaled by the sales agent, the customer would automatically receive an SMS and email with a feedback link, and in it, if they wanted to make an offer, it was possible to put a payment down as proof of buying intent (useful in hot markets).

Costs: 36 Tasks, about 5 months

Resell value: 100$ per month per agency = 8.400$ per year (7 agencies)

CRM with Payment integration

Straightforward Pricing

In case you already offer automation services, we've got the Integrate and Connect plans for that. If you don't, we've got you covered with the Automate full fledged service.


Stop information silos by connecting yours and your customer's cloud software to other platforms.

  • API Integrations

  • Cloud or self-host



Use bots to automate websites and web apps that don't have APIs or don't support someting you need.

  • Windows-based executables

  • Google chrome extensions

  • Bot reselling rights



Full automation service with API connectors and bots. No automation is impossible.

  • Integrate plan features

  • Connect plan features

  • Connect bots to APIs

  • AI Augmentation


Included in all plans

72h Turnaround
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a task?

A task is the smallest unit of work that is a subset of a request that is logically independent. Let's say we're developing a Facebook group comment tool as a request. One task would be to login, another to navigate to a group, another to write a comment and another to post an image with that comment. In short, they're a logical breakdown of tasks, that can usually be tested as they're delivered to you. We only work on a task at each moment.

How many request can I make at once?

You can add as many as you want. We'll analyse it and break it down into tasks, by doing a quick call with you in order to understand the end goal, if needed. After the tasks are defined, you can choose which request takes priority in the queue.

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time developer?

The annual cost of a full-time senior-level developer now exceeds $100,000, plus benefits. Apart from that, you need to be able to articulate your concepts in technical terms, and you need to have enough work volume to justify a specialist in automations. (and those are rare and earn way more!).

Who are the developers?

You might be surprised but clickworks is an agency of one, for now. I'm working on training new people but I need to work with people like you to better define a trainig program. This is why I limit my clients to five at a time.

Why is this cost-effective?

Each task will get 6 hours of development time. Since they'll be delivered every 72 hours you get about 5 tasks delivered per month, totalling ~32 hours of develoment time per month (22 working days on average). This is less than 37,5$ per hour, depending on the plan you choose, which is why we're limiting the offer to the first five customers.

What if I have only one request and it takes less than a month to complete?

Your subscription is based on a 30 day rolling period, counting from the day you subscribe. If the tasks for your request are completed in less than 30 days you accumulate the remaining time for a later request, for up to 30 days. Example: you pay for two months and only start using the service after 45 days. In this case, you'll be able to use 15 + 30 days, since the first 15 days expired (more than 30 days passed), but the second half of the first month is still under the 30 day window and the second month as well.

Do I have any commitment?

No, your subscription can be cancelled at any time, just shoot us an email before a charge is made to your account.

Let's Talk?

We're fully booked at this moment.
If you're planning to begin a project in 3 months, let's talk.

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